Apply for a building consent


You can apply for building consents through Simpli, our self-service online building consent portal. Either the owner or their authorised agent may submit the application.

Simpli allows you to submit, manage and track applications across building consent authorities (BCA) from the same user account, making the consent process more consistent and transparent.

Simpli also accepts applications for:

  • Project information memoranda (PIM)
  • Amendments to building consents
  • Certificates for public use
  • Code compliance certificates

How to apply for a building consent

1. Register or login to Simpli [1]

Register or login to Simpli




2. Select the application type you want to submit and follow the prompts on the screen. The applicant is responsible for identifying which building code clauses are relevant, and how the project will comply. You will need to provide all information requested in the online form, including unlocked PDFs of the following documents:

a. A record of title [2]

b. Drawings and plans showing site, foundations, drainage and bracing [3]

c. Project-specific including information about materials and building elements that cannot be shown in drawing

d. Certificate of design work (for restricted building work)

e. Producer statements, including inspection schedules [4]

f. Supporting documents relating to the project

[1] If you cannot sign up for Simpli, it is possible to submit your application in person. A lodgement meeting with the Duty Building Officer is required to submit a paper application. Please phone 03 546 0200 to book an appointment.

[2] The record of title must be less than three months old. Titles can be obtained online from LINZ for a nominal fee. If the site is new and does not yet have a title, then a subdivision scheme plan is required. Council does not provide copies of titles.

[3] Your drawings should include the level of detail seen in the guide.

[4] A producer statement is a document prepared by a professional confirming their professional opinion about the design and building code compliance of a building. For more detail, see Producer statements.

 [5] Technical support is available from simpli at