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Swimming pool consents

Learn more about applying for consents related to swimming pools - swimming pools, or swimming pool barriers.

New pools and pool barrier consents

Swimming pools

An outflow discharge point such as a gully trap (foul water) must be provided for all pools and a backflow prevention device must be fitted to the water supply for the pool. Backwash from swimming pools must also be discharged via a gully trap.

To protect young children from drowning in private swimming pools the Building Act 2004 requires that all swimming pools with a maximum depth of water of 400mm or more must have a physical barrier that restricts access to children under five.

If you have any queries regarding your pool application please come and see our Pool Compliance Officer.

Fees for new pools and barriers

Council has set fees for swimming pool barrier consents. They are based on average processing times and number of inspections.  Please note: if your application requires longer to process or re-inspections are required, you will receive an additional invoice.

Council is required to collect levies for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and BRANZ.  These levies are based on the value of works $20,000 and over and are explained in the Building Unit Fees and Charges.

Swimming Pool barrier application - allows for 1 hour processing/administration and 1 inspection


Swimming Pool (stand-alone) allows for 1 hour processing/administration and 2 inspections.   Engineer monitoring and inspections are charged separately at $125/hr


Swimming Pool Monitoring under the Building Act 2004 (every 3 years) (for pools with a current compliant status that remain compliant).
Plus any additional staff time where non-compliance noted, at hourly rate.


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