How the scenarios have been developed

We have identified a range of areas in Nelson and Tasman where growth might be accommodated and then evaluated (at a high level) their relative advantages and disadvantages against environmental, social, economic and cultural criteria.

 fds working it out

The possible growth areas have been identified based on previous work, iwi, community and stakeholder feedback. To help guide identification of possible growth areas, we have applied a set of development principles.

New housing developments can take many forms:

  • Intensification of existing urban areas, which can range from small units being added to a property through to redevelopment involving apartments in and around the edges of town centres.
  • Expansion areas, which may be rural-residential areas through to new master-planned communities with a mix of housing types.

For more on the range of new housing possibilities, see development types in the Consultation Document (2.7MB PDF).

Realistically we will need to provide for a mix of building-up existing urban areas (intensification) and building-out around existing settlements (expansion). There may even be the need for new settlements if population growth is high.

The map  the Consultation Document (2.7MB PDF) shows all of the development areas identified. You can to comment on all of these areas in the feedback hub.

Showing these areas does not mean that all of these areas will be need to be developed. Also, the strategy looks out over 30 years, so some areas, if needed, may not be developed for 15 or 20 years.

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