Residential Development Guides

Whether you are an experienced developer or this is your first time, our guides to development may come in handy.

We currently have two guides which focus on two of the more common types of development in Nelson. Infill – where one or more properties are added to a piece of land, and Conversion – where space above inner city retail properties is turned into residential housing.

The guides take you through the whole process, from design through to consenting, and could help you make the most of your investment and avoid any common pitfalls.

Guides are current as of 4 October 2022 and will be reviewed yearly.

Click on the PDFs below, and remember that you can get free advice from a Principal Development adviser before starting your project.

Infill Development Guide (1.8MB PDF)

Residential Conversion Guide (1.9MB PDF)

Planning a property development? (2.4MB PDF)