Submissions and Feedback

When you complete this form for submissions or feedback, we'll acknowledge receipt via email.

For more formal consultations, there may be a council hearing as part of the process.  We will contact people who indicate they wish to speak at the hearing by email or letter to advise the confirmed time, date, and venue of the hearing.

For feedback only, or less formal consultations, there will be no council hearing.

How to Use This Form

  1. Select the consultation round or feedback round from the drop-down menu.
  2. Complete your personal details. Email is a required field and mobile phone or daytime contact number is encouraged.
  3. For a more formal consultation, with a council hearing scheduled, you will need to indicate if you wish to speak to your submission.  If you wish to speak in Te Reo Māori or NZ Sign Language, please indicate this in your submission.
  4. Choose a subject using the drop-down menu. You can add additional subjects by clicking the 'add another subject' button. If your desired subject does not appear, use Miscellaneous (Other).
  5. If you wish to add a document to your submission or feedback, use the 'Browse File' button at the bottom of the form. Please note the form will not accept images in the text input box. To include an image, attach it as a separate file.  Rather than pasting large amounts of text, it is recommended to attach a document. When you are finished, click the 'Done' button.
  6. You will be sent email confirmation that your submission or feedback has been received.  This will include a copy of the text entered into the form, along with the number of documents successfully uploaded.  Copies of these documents will not be provided in the return e-mail.
  7. For consultations with council hearings, unless you indicate otherwise we will assume you do not wish to speak.

Please refer to the closing time published in supporting information or Council communications for each consultation, to confirm the correct closing time if you plan to submit feedback on the final day.

All submissions or feedback (including the names and contact details of submitters) are public information and may be made available to the public and media in various reports and formats including on Council’s website. Personal information will also be used for administration relating to the subject matter of submissions. Submitters have the right to access and correct any personal information included in any reports, information or submissions.

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