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Community outcomes

Councils are required by the Local Government Act 2002 to have community outcomes, which are a statement of the outcomes Council is working to achieve in meeting the current and future needs of our community.

In 2014 Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council were involved in a process to develop a set of shared regional outcomes. These are contained in the table below. While the two Councils share joint outcomes, the descriptions that accompany them are individual to each Council to reflect their community’s different needs and aspirations.

These regional outcomes fit with the purpose of local government to guide delivery of services in a way that is efficient, effective and appropriate to present and anticipated future circumstances. Adopting joint outcomes with Tasman District Council demonstrates an understanding that we are one region and need to collaborate to provide the best and most efficient service to our communities.

Our unique natural environment is healthy and protected

  • We treasure, protect and restore the special places, landscapes, native species and natural ecosystems of Nelson.
  • Natural biodiversity is widely understood and valued.
  • Introduced species have a place, and pests are controlled.
  • Open spaces are linked and productive land is protected.
  • The intergenerational kaitiakitanga (guardianship) of tangata whenua iwi is recognised; the community understands the concept and are involved in caring for ngā taonga tuku iho (treasure of the ancestors).
  • Nelson is a place where everyone can enjoy the natural environment while it is protected for the future.
  • We recognise the importance of a healthy environment for tourism, and minimise the impacts of human activities on the environment.

Our urban and rural environments are people-friendly, well planned and sustainably managed

  • Urban and rural areas are designed to be child-, family- and people-friendly.
  • We think and plan regionally and act locally within that context.
  • Attractive, safe, accessible and walkable ‘city villages’ provide for people of all ages and abilities through good urban design.
  • There is a full range of affordable, healthy, attractive and energy-efficient housing and community facilities with more intensification in urban areas and a clear urban/rural boundary.

Our infrastructure is efficient, cost effective and meets current and future needs

  • We have good quality, sustainable, integrated, affordable and effective public transport, infrastructure, energy-use and transport networks.
  • Waste and pollution are minimised so we have clean water, clean seas, clean air, and healthy flora, fauna and soils.
  • Growth is well managed and there is little waste or pollution.
  • We are proud of our developing cycleway network.

Our communities are healthy, safe, inclusive and resilient

  • We are a tolerant, supportive and diverse community.
  • Māori culture and tikanga (traditions) are acknowledged as taonga (treasure) that represent our regional uniqueness.
  • We take pride in the warm welcome we give to visitors and new arrivals (manaakitanga).
  • Everyone is included and involved, can participate in decision-making and is able to enjoy a good quality of life, wherever they come from and whatever their age, abilities or income.
  • We nurture our young people so Nelson is a safe and healthy place for everyone to grow up and live.
  • We have adequate policing and well-designed public spaces providing a feeling of safety and security in our homes and communities.
  • There is more attention to health promotion with quality primary and secondary health care accessible to all.
  • We are a resilient community, able to cope with disasters or emergencies.

Our communities have opportunities to celebrate and explore their heritage, identity and creativity

  • We are proud of our region, our communities and our diverse heritage.
  • We have a strong sense of community, enhanced by activities, festivals, events and celebrations that reflect our distinct environment and people.
  • We celebrate and acknowledge our heritage and our history and how that contributes to our distinctive identity.
  • We tell our whakapapa (history) in an honest way and acknowledge the lesson that history has taught us.
  • We reflect and celebrate our progress as a community.
  • We value and support those things that make Nelson special and unique – our Māori history, our people, art and crafts, the café culture, the outdoors, local food and wines, boutique shops and the relaxed atmosphere.
  • There is a wide range of arts opportunities for everyone to take part in.

Our communities have access to a range of social, educational and recreational facilities and activities

  • We have a good range of sports and recreation facilities for all ages, including youth and older residents. We protect, enhance and interpret Nelson’s human heritage and historic sites.
  • There is a wide range of recreation, educational and leisure opportunities for everyone to take part in.
  • We have high quality and accessible recreation, education, health and community facilities.
  • We support and encourage all culturally diverse groups to demonstrate their unique recreational activities to the wider community.

Our Council provides leadership and fosters partnerships, a regional perspective, and community engagement

  • We work together as a region, think of the generations that will follow and listen to the full range of views.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the community’s major decisions and information is easy to obtain.
  • Leaders consult with and understand their communities and work for the good of all, including the wider region.
  • Our leaders inspire respect, take responsibility for their decisions and act to improve the big issues facing our community.
  • All sectors of the community and region work effectively together.
  • We support and mentor our youth to become the leaders of the future.

Our region is supported by an innovative and sustainable economy

  • We all participate in the regional economy and it meets people’s needs.
  • We are a business-friendly region, and economic activity is sensitive to the environment, heritage and people of Nelson.
  • We are skilled and adaptable and we see the benefits of a wide range of high-value industries and businesses.
  • We enjoy high quality employment, education and training opportunities.
  • Small, locally-owned businesses are an essential part of the community and central city.
  • We encourage appropriate new investment into our community.
  • Our youth can live, learn and work in Nelson.
  • We invest in skills development and our people so we can enjoy balanced and healthy lives.
  • We recognise, support and celebrate innovation and achievement.