Campbell Rollo

ROLLO Campbell CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

Hey, I'm Campbell Rollo I have recently served 2 years as a Nelson Youth Councilor. Coming from a family who know what local business is really like I am committed to working with current and future business within our central city to make sure we bring the spark back. There is need for a young voice to be in the mix of the Council's strategy and decision making and I know I can be that voice. I currently sit on the board of hockey Nelson and sport is a massive passion of mine. I want to work with the sporting & recreation sector to make Nelson an appealing place for large sporting events but importantly having the right facilities in place for our local talents. Nelson needs a council working for everyone. A vote for Campbell Rollo won't be wasted. I want to work hard for our beautiful city.

What makes Nelson so special for you?

Nelson is the best place to grow up I come from a proud Nelson family who for 40+ years have run local business in this town like many others it's those businesses that make Nelson what it is our beach the events we lure to this city make it good. But to make what makes it special is the people.

What is your vision for the city?

The City for all generations letting youth have areas they can hang out where families can grow. Elderly can enjoy retirement. Where anyone who has a concern can be heard. making our city an environment that is positive, passionate and allows anyone to feel welcomed.