Judene Edgar

EDGAR Judene CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

Proud to call Nelson home, I was a Richmond Councillor for three terms (didn't seek re-election 2016), an Airport Director, and am a Network Tasman Trustee. Married with two sons, I work as a Community Development Advisor.

I bring a strong regional perspective and significant local government and governance experience. I walk the talk, committing my time, experience and money towards supporting the community and enabling community organisations to be strong and healthy.

Nelson's growth, and the delivery of services and infrastructure, needs to be strategically planned and well-managed ensuring affordability and sustainability. As a region, we must strengthen our community resilience and protect our natural resources while enabling economic development, employment opportunities and delivery of community services.

I offer honesty, integrity and commitment. I want to be part of a Council that listens to the community, is responsive to their needs, and enables innovation, development and positive action.


What makes Nelson so special for you?

I’m a born and bred Nelsonian but spent 18 yrs away studying, travelling and working. However, I knew that there was no other place that I wanted to raise my family. I wanted my children to enjoy the same lifestyle I did – enviable access to beaches, mountains and rivers, great community, recreation and cycling facilities, and a safe and friendly community. Nelson has a heritage of innovative and creative people and businesses that sets us apart on a national level – the pioneering nuclear physics of Lord Rutherford, The Suter Art Gallery, NZ’s third art gallery, the Nelson Provincial Museum, NZ’s oldest museum, Nelson School of Music, the country’s oldest independent music school, and Cawthron Institute, NZ’s largest and internationally-renown independent science organisation. And today we are still punching above our weight with World of WearableArt, Pic’s start-up food factory, Cawthron’s national algae centre, the Artificial Intelligence Institute and sustainability champions the Chia Sisters. We’re still small enough to feel connected to each other, and we have a community full of passionate, caring people, businesses and community organisations who are committed to helping Nelson and Nelsonians thrive.

What is your vision for the city?

We need to come together to create a shared vision for our city and our region’s future. Drawing on our shared knowledge, creativity, innovation and resources, together we can create a roadmap for our region’s future that puts people at the centre. For our people to thrive, we need to look after our environment and our economy. Increasingly our business community are leading the charge in putting purpose at the forefront, championing ethical and sustainable business models without sacrificing their ability to generate healthy profits that support their employees and our economy. We need to support and connect our clever people and businesses to provide them with opportunities to grow and innovate so that they can attract and retain talent and provide job opportunities. By working together as a region, we can lever our strengths and promote our points of difference nationally. We need to ensure sustainability of our financial, environmental and social resources and help build community resilience to meet the challenges of climate change and an ageing population. He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.