Luke King

Committed to work for you

KING Luke CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

I believe in Nelson, it's my home, the place I've grown up, skinned my knees.

I committed to sport every weekend and enjoyed what Nelson has to offer learning very valuable and hard lessons along the way.

I will commit to Nelson in ensuring infrastructure upgrades, social development, fair rates reviews, council supported mental health initiatives, enhancing the culture of our business/council relationships, protection of our environment and crime reduction through addressing crime related issues.

Why are we dumping human waste into Tasman Bay Why are we using Toxins that harm wildlife

Why don't we use NCC assets for profit and people Why is our CBD/hospitality trade suffering

I will utilise our funds where its needed, I will support change and what matters, I will work hard with you to be proud to call Nelson home!

I am THE Nelsonian to be the voice FOR Nelsonians!