Mike Ward

WARD Mike CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area. I am also standing for Mayor.

I love and care about Nelson and all who live here. We are creative and compassionate.

Together we can make this an even more gorgeous, affordable inclusive city, a role model, an inspiring place where we all have choices and make our choices in the interest of our local environment, our wellbeing and our planet. I bring a lifetime of experience and more than twenty years as MP and councillor to the role. and a prudent responsibility to spend wisely as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate. Most of all I am committed to a more gorgeous, fun, sustainable City... but I need your help. Together we can do it and our children deserve nothing less.

Nelson the role model? Choice.

What makes Nelson so special for you?

Nelson is where I  grew up and went to school.  It is my home.  I left to study and teach and returned with my family on retiring from the classroom 42 years ago… to be an artist and as it turned out an athlete and a politician. This city has provided me with opportunities to practise my crafts and earn a living.  It has been an exceptional place to raise my three children with a harbour and hills to kayak, run, cycle and swim.  And I have had the chance to serve and I hope contribute to the sporting and creative opportunities and to making this already beautiful city even more beautiful. Nelson has treated me with great kindness and generosity and I can think of no better way to repay the city for my good fortune than by doing whatever I can to ensure we are all able to enjoy the advantages of living here and can contribute to turning our city into an inclusive, lifestyle and sustainability role model.  We aren’t starting from scratch. We already spend more time on our bikes, take out more library books and go to more movies, do festivals and markets with flair and host national and international sporting and cultural events. How could I not love my city?

What is your vision for the city?

I want to live in an inspiring city we are all proud to call home. A kind and thoughtful city where we are all prepared to step up to deal with the challenges. While the challenges facing Nelson and our planet may appear overwhelming, for communities choosing to make the effort the opportunities are substantial.  And the reward?  An affordable, gorgeous and fun sustainability role model the rest of the world flocks to, to find out how to be more like us. Can a city of fifty thousand individuals make a difference on a planet with seven and a half billion and growing?  It can certainly make a difference for the fifty thousand and the world is looking for role models… I know and love this community for its courage, creativity and generosity and its willingness to step up.  Becoming that role model will take all of that and whole new level of leadership and commitment from all of us.  Affordable, gorgeous, inclusive, fun, safe, friendly, … and sustainable?  Our children deserve no less and the world is waiting to be inspired.