Robbie Kavanagh

patience, humility, gratitude

KAVANAGH RobbieMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

I am respectfully seeking your vote on a platform of the same 5 principles I stood for in the previous 2 elections: Community Engagement, Open Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Futureproofing Infrastructure and Incentivising Small Business.

A Community's views are paramount and require clear representation. This can only come about through continual Engagement.

A commitment to transparency and accountability is vitally important to ensure Open Government that builds public trust in The Council and its decisions.

Fiscal Responsibility requires the ability to operate within the projected means of revenue generated by the ratepayer, and to not exceed that.

Futureproofing Infrastructure, against primarily Climate Change, guarantees the capacity for sustainable population growth, imperative for regional prosperity and certainty for future generations.

Incentivising Small Business makes the region more attractive and easier for those considering setting up shop here.

With your vote, I will totally make a difference, for now, and for the future!