Rohan O'Neill-Stevens

ONeill Stevens Rohan CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

My vision for Nelson is a city prepared for future challenges, with a strong, engaged community, an innovative, thriving city-centre, and transparent, effective governance.

I want to see council invest in a wider range of transport options, create and enhance community spaces, and take proactive measures to plan for and respond to climate change. I am a strong believer in evidence-based policy and community consultation and will actively work to bring a diverse range of views to the council table.

I recently returned from a two-year United World College scholarship in Freiberg, Germany ready to serve the city that I love and was raised in. I believe my younger voice will bring a fresh perspective, along with the ideas and energy required to address the challenges of a rapidly changing future.

A vote for me is a vote for Nelson's future. Thank you.

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What makes Nelson so special for you?

For me what makes Nelson special is its unique position and people. We are privileged with striking natural environments, surrounded by three beautiful national parks as well as having a thriving, innovative arts scene, an incredibly supportive community, and wonderful local businesses helping to bring people and energy to the region.

What is your vision for the city?

I think Nelson should be a city that works for everyone. We should have governance that is accessible, councillors that represent our communities, and future-focused guidance.  Nelson is in need of fresh vision and energy if we want to harness and support the incredible potential within our communities.  Reclaiming our city centre, investing in arts and culture, creating reliable public transport infrastructure and supporting housing affordability are all going to be crucial as we move forward into the next decade.  We are currently at the foot of a daunting task in addressing the climate crisis. It is going to require immediate action and a shift in how we operate as a city, and we need to ensure all voices are at the table for this.  Together we can work towards building a Nelson we all want to live in, a Nelson prepared for the future, a Nelson that is truly a smart little city.