Trudie Brand

A strong voice for Nelson

BRAND Trudie CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

I hold a Bachelor degree in Commerce and Management, a post-graduate diploma (PGDipSS), and diplomas as an Independent Celebrant, Career Counsellor and Life Coach.

I have three decades of work experience, across business, government and non-government organisations with boards of Trustees and governance experience. Currently, I am an active member on the board of Nelson Y.M.C.A, President of Rutherford Rotary Club, member of the Celebrant Association NZ and National Council of Women - Nelson. Historically, I was the vice-president of the Nelson Residents Association.

I wish to actively represent the community at a local government level. As a councillor, I would encourage greater public participation in decision-making, by providing a strong voice, open mind, that clearly represents, promotes and protects ratepayer's interests, whilst balancing the provision of core services against debt levels and maintaining affordable rates.

What makes Nelson so special for you?

Nelson is special to me for many reasons; I raised my two sons here where they enjoyed participating in sports, music and the wealth of opportunities available for youth. I operate my Celebrant business which benefits from local and international tourism. I love showing friends and family that visit from outside the region our unique spaces such as: waterfront, our gardens and reserves, market places, unique businesses and a platitude of walks linking mountains to the sea. Unlike other cities around the world, most places can be accessed within ten minutes whether walking, cycling or driving. Nelson the smart little city has developed and maintains world-class mountain biking facilities, together with boutique wineries and craft beer; not to mention the peanut butter. Nelson offers a unique lifestyle at its own pace. The city has an artistic and musical soul that is accessible to all citizens and tourists alike with regular festivals. The weather is unique with most bad weather going around the outside leaving Nelson bathed in glorious sunshine and warmth. In short, Nelson is a smart little city to raise children, mentor careers, enjoy your mature years and foster the benefits that tourism and business brings.

What is your vision for the city?

I would like to see a sustainable city that values community buy in, which generate social cohesion. I envision a reinvigorated central city that has a centralised parking structure that then connects to the main shopping thoroughfare via integral glass suspended walkways linking all areas. The top of Trafalgar Street is closed to traffic and the library at the bottom on Halifax street anchor’s the city centre. Indoor space should be made available for youth socialization, with artistic atriums available with spaces. By collaboratively working with property owners, businesses and other stakeholders to generate a sustainable central city that caters for inner-city living. A world-class waterfront with a well-constructed walkway and cycle path, development of the Tahuna beach with an appropriate back beach development allowing facilities for dogs, fixed modellers pond and beach access walk ways for the less able-bodied citizens. These visions can only occur by partnership between council, business and the public.