Virat Vij

For Nelson - Present and Future

VIJ Virat CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

A proud Nelsonian for past 11 years, a father, a husband, a businessmen, an employee, an entrepreneur, a local man with international background working and living in Nelson community for past 11 years and raising a family. I bring 20 years of business and hospitality experience, worked as a teacher, chef and business owner and contributed millions towards local community from international markets. I support local business, schools, colleges and family networks in Nelson, excellent teachers and our caregivers in our aged care facilities and hospital. Local produce and supporting the farmers and local people contributing to our daily life. I'm here to do whatever it takes to keep our local businesses thriving in this difficult times and I want to stand for education and equal opportunities for woman and all international migrants.

What is your vision for the city?

I want Nelson be the leader in affordability, business support and innovation, responsible tourism and sustainability. I want the local people to be able to live, work and have fun in a vibrant city. We also need to incorporate and celebrate Nelson's multicultural community by promoting diversity. There should be a continuing focus on events – Nelson is a fantastic setting for entertainment – music, arts, cultural and sports – which can in turn bring millions to Nelson city and promote further growth. I will promote concerts, tournaments and championships to make Nelson a destination and progressive town. All public events should be kept to minimum waste to promote environmental sustainability.  Small businesses (hotels, motels, restaurants, retailers) need to be given support so that they have an opportunity to expand and create more jobs. There also needs to be incentives for big companies to invest in Nelson. To address affordability, pet project funding needs to be removed and there should be accountability for rates.  I also want to support more greener or lower emission transport options for the city while keeping free parking or equivalent scenario to Tasman. We want the local businesses to stay and not move to Tasman.