Avner Nahmias


NAHMIAS Avner MayorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council area.

A calling, A trust. Mayor, the most privileged of public service appointments. Significant enough to make a difference to an entire city, yet intimate enough to enable instant response to an individual ratepayer's predicament.

It's all about people. My apolitical leadership qualities will restore positivity, optimism and a common vision within Council. We simply must shift the Us and Them line to include everyone, primarily council staff who, by nature of the system, appear to be on the other side.

Priorities. All issues are interconnected. My heartfelt desire is to apply my holistic approach in matching the aesthetics of our systems with the beauty of our landscape, with equality, efficiency, transparency and integrity, resulting in lower debt and reduced rates.

Sustainability. Seventeen years ago I made Nelson my home, building and planting so that my son and all future generations will continue to enjoy Nelson's unique qualities in perpetuity.

What makes Nelson so special for you?

I am a deliberate Nelsonian of 17 years, having chosen Nelson over all other places on Earth. Nelson's natural setting is uniquely beautiful and varied, and its climate comfortable. The city's size is ideal, big enough to offer all the benefits of a larger city, yet small enough to not have many of the problems (traffic, pollution, crime). A perfect place for young and old, for multi-generational living. Family and community!

What is your vision for the city?

Nelson is ideally positioned to set an example in innovation and creativity in how cities can evolve. This includes early adoption of advanced energy options (solar), water use, and productive green spaces. A vibrant CBD is possible with mixed-use based on new usage behaviours (shared work and living space, etc.). A Big Picture approach to assets and resources can make it a destination for both younger quality residents and tourists (it isn't as yet). We can and must lead with innovation! This requires leadership and a common vision, a sense of purpose (education)!