Annual Plan 2020/21

Council’s Annual Plan 2020/21 covers the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 and will outline what Council plans to do differently in 2020/21 to what it approved in the Long Term Plan 2018-28 ('LTP'). It is known as an exceptions document and contains changes to Year Three (2020/21) of the LTP.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, Nelson City Council decided to take a new approach to the 2020/21 Draft Annual Plan, including a proposal for an overall 0% rates rise. Officers presented a report that demonstrated how the 0% rate rise could be achieved via a staff wage freeze, savings from cancelled events and either not contributing to the disaster recovery fund in the next financial year or drawing down from it. Consultation has closed. Read the story on Our Nelson for more information.

At an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 9 April 2020, Council approved an Emergency Fund of $200,000 to support community organisations impacted by COVID-19 (in the current financial year 2019/20). Council seeks your feedback on Emergency Funding for community organisations in 2020/21 through Annual Plan submissions.

The purpose of the fund is: "To ensure that community organisations involved in the city’s response to COVID19 are supported to maintain their existing and continuing services for the benefit of the Nelson community. The additional financial support being provided is to help organisations to continue to operate in the response/recovery phase of the pandemic.”

The setting of criteria and distribution of funds is outlined in the Nelson COVID 19 Emergency Fund Criteria (82KB PDF), but in summary, the criteria for funding are that organisations must:

  • Benefit the Nelson community
  • Be not-for-profit
  • Be able to provide verified accounts
  • Demonstrate a budgetary shortfall/service demand related to COVID-19
  • Have applied for any applicable Central Government support

See the links below for further information:

A Consultation Document was prepared to outline key proposed variances for 2020/21, and included a document of Supporting Financial Information (915KB PDF).

Council asked for feedback from Nelsonians about what was proposed in the Consultation Document (23MB PDF).

The Consultation period ran from 17 March to 5pm 6 May 2020. Consultation has closed. All submitters will be contacted by the end of August with a response to their submission.

Council deliberations on the Annual Plan Consultation 2020/21 were held on 3, 4 and 9 June 2020. View the Deliberations Report. You can also read the submissions on the Annual Plan Consultation 2020/21.

Annual Plan 2020-21 Consultation Document (23MB PDF)

Council has adopted the final Annual Plan for 2020/21. You can view the plan below.

Download the Annual Plan 2020/21 (66MB PDF)

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