Heritage Activity Management Plan

Executive Summary

This Plan covers the activities occurring in and around heritage facilities owned by Council including Heritage Houses, Founders Heritage Park, the Nelson Provincial Museum and historic memorial sites. Heritage activities with community wide impact such as the Heritage Project Fund, Heritage Awards and Heritage Week are also included in this Plan.

Heritage buildings are an important asset for Nelson City. They provide a sense of place for residents and contribute to Nelson’s unique identity. They have the potential to add economic value by contributing to Nelson’s image, both as a destination and as specific attractions for tourists.*

Council’s three Heritage Houses (Isel, Melrose and Broadgreen) have quite different costs and uses by the public. The changes to Melrose House to make it suitable for a new use have demonstrated the ability of such an approach to significantly improve visitor numbers and the community’s level of interaction with a heritage asset. Adaptive reuse of Isel and Broadgreen Historic House could be considered in the future to encourage greater community use. Better linkages between all heritage facilities, and sharing resources more equitably between them, will improve management of Council's contribution in this area.

Earthquake strengthening has been complete on Melrose House which is now rated at 35% NBS, Isel House (excluding the chimneys) was strengthened over 10 years ago but remains below 34% NBS and is considered earthquake prone. Work to produce a design and cost estimate to strengthen the Isel House chimneys is scheduled for 15/16 financial year. Broadgreen House is also rated below 34% NBS but is not rated as earthquake prone.

Founders Heritage Park is performing well at present. Council will continue to encourage revenue from commercial activities to maintain this development.

In 2014 Tasman Bays Heritage Trust commissioned a Strategic Review for the jointly funded Nelson Provincial Museum. This identified that the previous focus of the Trust on redeveloping its storage facilities needed to be re-considered in light of the new strategic direction proposed for the Museum. In the meantime the existing storage facilities can continue to be used. Council will look for new opportunities to work with the museum in light of likely strategic changes.

The major issue facing heritage assets around New Zealand is earthquake prone risks. The Christchurch earthquakes triggered a complete reappraisal, at the national level, of appropriate responses to seismic risk. Existing legislation would have required these issues to be addressed but the timeframes, standards and community expectations have all changed since the Christchurch earthquakes.

Council’s Property and Facilities Asset Management Plan (developed in 2014) will tackle the specific earthquake strengthening needs of each of Council’s heritage buildings. However this is an issue affecting all heritage buildings in Nelson. The Council needs to balance public safety and the value we place on protecting heritage, and the costs of that protection.

Heritage Activity Management Plan 2015-2025