Nelson City Council logo downloads

Downloadable ZIP files with logos for press, print and web, and guidelines for colour and use of logo.

Download Logos (919KB ZIP)
Download N Button (1.2MB ZIP)
Download Graphic Standard Guidelines (3.7MB PDF)

The logo is available in a variety of formats, in colour and black and white, to best suit your requirements:

  • High-quality print - PDF and EPS vector format
  • Print and stationery - PDF and JPEG (CMYK, RGB, BW)
  • Web and email - JPEG and PNG


What the logos look like:

Logo guidelines

The Nelson City Council Graphic Standard Guidelines 2014 are a guide to Nelson City Council’s identity. They apply to all Council facilities, assets, publications, projects, and initiatives.

To ensure Nelson City Council’s brand is protected, follow the guidelines when preparing any materials.

Download the Graphic Standard Guidelines (3.7MB PDF)

Minimum size of logo, including clear area

  • Tall logo no less than 30mm wide
  • Wide logo no less than 40mm wide

Care must be taken to ensure that ‘te kaunihera o whakatū’ is large enough to easily read; the phrase should be at least as large as the ‘body’ text size used.

Size of logo when used with primary and secondary logos

When using the logo with other organisations' logos that are either co-sponsors (primary) or supporters (secondary)

  • the HORIZONTAL logo must be at least the same HEIGHT as other primary logos, and larger than any secondary logos.
  • the VERTICAL logo must be at least the same WIDTH as other primary logos, and larger than any secondary logos.

Secondary supporter logos must be less prominent, clearly indicating their secondary role by size and placement.

Don't crop or crowd the logo

The minimum clear space surrounding the logo is determined by the space between the bottom of Nelson City Council and the bottom of the byline. Please ensure no copy or images (apart from the background image or colour) intrude within this space.

Don't use logo on top of 'busy' background or poorly contrasting colour

Avoid use of logo on top of photo or other artwork that is too detailed to allow logo to standout (eg, white logo on yellow background).

When to use the logo

The logo must appear on all Council-published documents. If space prevents use of logo at legible size, the words “Nelson City Council” must be used in its place.

Use the right colours

  • One-colour logo
    PMS 3005
  • CMYK logo
    100% Cyan, 37% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 0% Black
  • Black logo
    Reverse white logo (where background is dark, for legibility)
  • RGB
    Red 0 - Green 129 - Blue 198
  • Hexadecimal