Drains to Harbour

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Nelson City Council’s Healthy Streams programme is increasing its focus on educating the community about stormwater pollution and how it affects our freshwater and coastal habitats.

A new initiative, Drains to Harbour, will involve a series of free workshops to the public and to schools to highlight how best to reduce run-off of contaminants entering the stormwater systems that drain into waterways and Nelson Harbour. 

Schools programme

Drains to Harbour provides a classroom introduction to stormwater pollution sources and effects, a field trip to a local stream to investigate water quality, and associated classroom student activities. The five-week education programme will be offered to all Nelson primary and intermediate schools.

Community Workshops
Community workshops will provide information on stormwater contaminants, and aim to empower individuals to contribute to healthier waterways. 
Community workshops will cover topics such as how to manage stormwater on residential property, environmentally responsible ways to wash your car, and other tools and techniques for reducing stormwater-related contamination. 

You can find out more about Drains to Harbour here.