NRMP 1 November 2010 amendments

The 1 November 2010 amendments provide for the following:

  • notification of Proposed Plan Changes 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26;
  • operative Plan Change 15;
  • alteration to designation DTR4
  • minor changes and corrections pursuant to Clause 20A of the First Schedule RMA.

Plan changes

Please refer to NRMP plan changes for more information on Council’s proposed and operative Plan Changes. This is the first set of amendments to use the Council’s new method for showing proposed Plan Changes. Changes are shown by placing a symbol as near as practical to the title of the provision proposed to be changed. See Display changes for NRMP proposed plan changes for more information.

Points to note:

  • Proposed rule amendments have no legal effect until decisions are made.
  • Provisions can spill over more than one page (this can include diagrams) so to be sure to check the relevant Plan Change documents.
  • Where a symbol is between clauses (e.g. may be shown at the bottom of the page on its own) this indicates new provisions to be added.
  • All proposed changes are indicated, both significant and insignificant (such as changes to references).
  • Have the relevant Plan Change documents at hand when using the NRMP
  • Tip: obtain an electronic copy of the Plan Change here and use a “CTRL F” search to find change provisions.

Alteration to Designation DTR4

Alteration to DTR4 (NZ Transport Agency, State Highway 6) at the Teal River bridge has completed its s181 statutory process.

Clause 20A (minor) changes and corrections

A number of other minor changes and corrections have been made pursuant to Clause 20A of the First Schedule RMA including corrected heritage tree and woodland locations on reprinted planning maps.


Link to filing instructions for updating your NRMP (263KB PDF)

Due to the size of this set of amendments a collated set will not be available for download. Please use the filing instructions above in conjunction with the online files to obtain any replacement pages required or contact the Policy and Planning Administrator for more assistance.