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How you can help

 There are many  things you can do to help care for our river:

  • When out walking your dog near the river (or anywhere in a public place for that matter), please make sure you pick up any dog poo. Faecal matter contributes to bacterial contamination of the water.
  • Don’t wash your car where the soap suds may go down the stormwater drain. All the stormwater drains in Nelson feed directly into our treasured Maitai / Mahitahi River - detergent is damaging to fish life. The best place to wash your car is at a car wash or on your lawn.
  • Oil and car grease should not be hosed down a stormwater drain, for the same reason above.
  • If you live near a stream, creek or river, please avoid dumping lawn clippings there. Green waste is harmful to native habitat and fish life.
  • Please don’t litter in or near the river
  • Come along to a community planting day over winter
  • Join Friends of the Maitai to participate in activities including plant care and removal of pest plant species
  • And remember - Only Rain Goes Down The Drain!

Further information:

The LAWA (Land, Air, Water Aotearoa) website is also great place to go for water quality data from all over New Zealand. LAWA is a source of trusted environmental information that allows people to discover more about the quality of rivers and make informed decisions.