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Nelson City Council strives to make it's website as accessible as possible to people of all abilities and disabilities. Below you will find some useful information regarding the accessibility features of this website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have trouble using any part of the site or discover any accessibility isses that we can assist with.

Adjust the size of the text

You can adjust the size of the text to make it more readable, without adjusting your screen resolution. Check your browser Help file for instructions; for Windows Internet Explorer press CTRL + to increase text size. Likewise, CTRL - to decrease.

Access keys

This page contains shortcut keys that will take you to commonly-used pages such as the home page and the search page. To use these shortcut keys hold down the ALT key (PC) or COMMAND key (Apple) and then one of the keys in the table below.

In some browsers (such as Internet Explorer 7) you may have to press ENTER to confirm your choice. Firefox users press SHIFT-ALT and key. In the Opera 7 browser press SHIFT-ESC, release those keys, and then press your chosen access key.

Key Function

A reference list of accessibility keys (this page)

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