Bike Nelson cycling maps

Regional cycling maps and safety tips

The rides in Bike Nelson are aimed at beginner to intermediate riders looking for recreational rides and are in two sections – urban rides and mountain bike rides. The urban rides make use of Nelson’s on and off-road cycle ways. They range from easy to moderate and most are suitable for families.There are a small selection of mountain bike rides suitable for beginners and others more challenging and longer.

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Mountain biking locations

Dun Mountain, Nelson (Coppermine Trail)
Maitai Valley, Nelson
Tantragee Saddle/ Codgers Trails, Nelson (see the information brochure here) (11MB PDF)

Off-street cycleways

Stoke Railway Reserve, Stoke
Tahunanui Beach Reserve, Nelson
Railway Reserve from Victory Square to Beatson Road
Vanguard Street from Gloucester Street to Toi Toi Street
Toi Toi Street to Gorrie Street
Atawhai Shared Pathway

Urban rides

The following rides have been selected to make the most of Nelson’s cycle way network. They are suitable for family outings and the times given are for cycling at a relaxed speed. Many of these urban rides link up and can be combined for longer rides or used as commuter connections. For example, Ride 6 (City to Annesbrook) can link with Ride 4 ( Old Railway Route).

Before you head out, make sure your bike is safe, your helmet fits well and you have sun protection. Where the ride takes you on a dual-use path please be considerate to other users, both cyclists and walkers. 

Mountain bike rides

These mountain bike rides are just a small selection of rides available in Nelson and are aimed towards beginners. Bike shops have further information on more technical rides when you have developed your riding skills. If you have never biked off-road before, try an easier ride like Ride 7 (Maitai River Ride) or Ride 8 (Codgers Track).

A permit is needed to ride in Hira Forest (Rides 13 and 14). These can be obtained from Action Forest Management in Richmond (+64 3 544 8541), or by joining the Nelson Mountain Bike Club.

Any rides that have forests may be closed due to operations or fire risk. Please obey the signage at gates or public notices in the paper. Stay well away from all forest operations. Remember that there are other users in the forest and ride accordingly.

Make sure your bike is suitable for off-road conditions and follow the Mountain bike code.

Video of Dun Mountain track

Video montage of parts of the Dun Mountain mountain biking track, including the Coppermine Saddle (12MB WMV).

Involution track on the Barnicoat

Involution has been designed as a Grade 3 intermediate trail, and can be ridden in either direction.

Ride up Marsden Road to just before the quarry gate. Cross the small bridge and gate on your right and follow the gravel road for 80m to a fork. If riding up Involution veer left at the fork. If you want to experience the track downhill by riding the Involution Loop turn right at the fork and ride up the Barnicoat Road.

Going up: Reasonably fit riders will enjoy this challenge! After about 10 minutes of steady climbing up the old water weir access track, the entrance to Involution heads off to the left into the bush. The track climbs steadily through a series of switchbacks, then heads to the right across some long traverses, crossing two beautiful small creeks. Then some more steady climbing through more switchbacks to a gently sloping beech forest plateau to meet the Jenkins Hill 4WD track. It takes between 60 and 90 minutes to ride up.

Going down: Barnicoat Road climbs through a steady gradient all the way to the Jenkins Hill 4WD track. Follow Barnicoat Road up to an old logging skidsite and take a breather while you enjoy the stunning views across Tasman Bay. Directional signage indicating the Involution Loop is placed at key intersections along the way, with the first turn off the Barnicoat Road to your left just past the hang glider launch site. From this intersection, a gentle traverse takes you to the Barnicoat Walkway, where you turn right and head up a steeper pinch, over the stile and onto the Jenkins Hill 4WD track. Head left towards Jenkins Hill for about 1km, with the entrance to Involution signposted on your left after riding into the beech forest. It takes between 60 and 90 minutes to ride up this way as well, and about 20 to 30 minutes to ride down Involution.

A map of the Barnicoat including the Involution trail.

Please Note:

  • expect to come across other walkers on this track - while it is a MTB track and MTB use has priority, please use courtesy and common sense with other users.
  • stick to the trail, stay in control, and do not ride this track for a couple of days after heavy rain

The Involution Track has been a real team effort.  It was the brainchild of the Nelson Mountain Bike Club, was embraced by the Nelson City Council Parks and Facilities team and Nelmac, Kahurangi Employment Trust and Nelson Community Work Services all pitched in to make it happen.

Video of the Involution track

The Mountain Bikers' Code

  1. Ride MTB and multi-use tracks only. Ask permission from land owners before heading out.
  2. Respect other users; always give way to walkers.
  3. Leave no trace, never skid or drop rubbish.
  4. Keep your bicycle under control.
  5. Never spook animals; leave gates as you find them.

Keep it fun for all

  • Respect other users
  • Always give way to walkers
  • Keep your bicycle under control
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Leave gates as you find them
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions
  • All children must be supervised

Bikes belong!

Regular cycling provides significant health benefits to cyclists and to the community. Bikes are cheap to run. Cycling is good for the environment, uses no fossil fuels, has no exhaust emissions, and is quiet.