25 - Maitai Valley Walk

A good country walk with plenty of variety in terrain and vegetation. Wear strong shoes - in the winter there may be fords to cross.


Time: 1 hour

Area: Maitai Valley

Start Location: Drive up the Maitai Valley past the motor camp to the 'pipeline bridge'. This bridge is the start of the Tantragee Walkway, and also marked by a sign in the middle of the bridge as the 'Finish of Maitai Walkway'.

Download the Maitai Valley Walk map (151KB PDF)

Route directions

Cross the bridge and go straight ahead up the hill along the left side of the Maitai Arboretum, following the black piping.This a 13 hectare plantation that has been developed over the last 20 years, turning it into a well-treed area of natives and unusual exotics.

Turn right to walk along the hillside at the point where the Maitai pipeline takes a steep bend uphill. Walk along the top of the arboretum, then veer downhill to come to a 4WD walk track which heads over the Tantragee Saddle. Turn left onto the track and follow it for a short while, then take a sharp right onto a more well-formed forest road. It leads you back down the valley through poplars and pine trees over several small fords, which may make this walk difficult after heavy rain.

You come to a gate at the end of the forestry road, where you join the Maitai Walkway at the lower end of the Maitai Valley Motor Camp. The motor camp swimming hole will be a welcome sight if you are doing this walk in hot weather!

Turn right to follow the river back to your starting point.