44 - Marsden Valley Cemetery

The Marsden Valley Cemetery is an attractively planted, picturesque area with well laid out pathways, ideal for a leisurely stroll.


Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Area: Stoke

Start Location: Heading up the Marsden Valley Road, the cemetery is on your right.

Download the Marsden Valley Cemetery map (56KB PDF)

Route directions

Near the gate in the Marsden Valley, there is a Memorial Walk on your left with plaques laid out on pathways under large redwoods and larches. These trees pre-date the cemetery and were planted in the 1930s.

The main roadway through the cemetery is another left turn a little further along from the gate, after the sexton's office. Walk up the valley, emerging from the redwoods into a plantation of English oaks and out to a lawn planted with standard roses. At the head of the valley there is seat with a rural view up the valley over farmland.

Returning down the same roadway you can take in the pleasant view out over Monaco to Rabbit Island. Retrace your steps around the lawn with standard roses where there are seats to rest, contemplate and enjoy the view. Walk down to the sexton's office and take a left turn up the second roadway which leads up the western side of the valley, past the RSA section. An interpretive panel has a map of this section and commemorative plaques mark trees planted by various sections of the services on the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII. This part of the walk is planted with silk trees.

The path leads around to your right and passes a stand of douglas firs and a strip of redwoods, before turning back down the valley to your starting point at the gate.