Neighbourhood Project Grants

Grant funding for neighbourhood and community projects;

Applications for matching funds of up to $500 can be made by informal and /or formal neighbourhood and community groups.

Applications can be made at any time of the year and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Applications need to be received four weeks prior to the event happening.

Once Council’s annual neighbourhood project budget has been spent, no further applications will be received.

In the first instance please make contact with the Community partnerships team to discuss your project and idea, and to see if there is resource in this funding round to enable your idea/activity to come to fruition.

Please call 03 539 5573 or email Community Partnerships Adviser

Grant purpose:

Grants are available for projects that build stronger communities by bringing neighbourhoods together to enhance a local community, build resilience and connectivity, increasing neighbourliness and social cohesion.

Grant Priorities include activities-projects which;

  • bring the community together e.g. hosting of a street event
  • improve the aesthetic nature of a local area e.g. bench seat, mural
  • are community led e.g. driven and supported by local communities
  • benefit Nelson residents

Applicant eligibility and requirements

a) Applicants that are organisations must have registered charity status with Charities Services (, or be able to demonstrate for tax purposes they are considered ‘nonprofit’ through being able to supply a Tax exemption certificate.

b) If you are an individual or non-legal entity then you can still apply, please discuss further with the community partnership team how they can support you with your activity.

c) Applicants are limited to one application per individual or entity over the current funding period.

d) The applicant must complete all sections of the Neighbourhood Project’s grant application form and set out:

  • What you want to do
  • Why you want to do it
  • How you plan to do it
  • Benefit of the project/activity to your community/neighbourhood
  • How any assets will be maintained (if required)

e) The fund is not available for on-going project costs, including ongoing maintenance of capital items along with any of the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Fundraisers
  • Costumes-uniforms
  • Religious or political events
  • Travel
  • Schools unless there is a clearly demonstrated neighbourhood benefit that involves the extended community
  • Retrospective projects
  • Day to day operational expenses
  • Individual persons, businesses or government agencies

f) The applicant needs to provide a 50% match funding contribution which can include; cost of volunteer time donated goods and/or other contributory funding. The total money requested must match the total contribution.

g) Projects may be funded in part depending on the cost of the project/activity and resource

h) Projects must be within the boundaries of the Nelson City Council and initiated, planned and implemented by the people living within this district.

i) Projects are to be driven and supported by local communities and evidence of this supplied at the time of the application.

j) Applicants will need to submit an accountability report upon completion of the project-activity.

To request more information on how to apply please contact the Community Partnerships Team on 03 539 5573 or email

Submit a Neighbourhood Projects Grant Application.