Council Review of Rural Addresses (RAPID numbers)

If you live in the rural area, you may already have a RAPID number.  The RAPID numbering system is a universal system used to allocate property numbers in the rural area, to ensure that emergency services can quickly identify and locate a property during an emergency.   RAPID numbers are also used for normal postal delivery.

The Council will begin a review of all rural property numbers early in January 2016.  We’ll be checking if existing RAPID numbers are correct, (road re-alignment and subdivisions may have led to anomalies), and allocating a RAPID number to any property that doesn’t  currently have one. We hope that this review will ensure that all rural properties have an accurate RAPID number.

The Contractor carrying out the review may need to enter onto some properties to check the exact location of the access/driveway, particularly if there’s a shared accessway.  The Contractor will carry Council ID and authorisation at all times.

When the review is completed, (around March) we’ll contact any owner whose RAPID number is incorrect, advise them of the correct number, and issue them with a new number plate.  There won’t be any cost to owners who already have an official RAPID number.

For owners who don’t have an official RAPID number, we’ll let you know what your number will be, and you can choose whether or not to purchase the number plate.  This will be available from the Contractor at a cost of $35 (GST incl).

The corrected, or new RAPID number will then become your official property address in Council records, and will be notified to Emergency Services, Land Information NZ, the Electoral Office, and other agencies and public utilities.

If you have any enquiries about the process, Mandy Bishop will be able to take your call – phone 546 0200.

For more information on RAPID numbering, visit RAPID Street Number.