Neighbourhood support

Neighbourhood Support is very active in the Nelson city and surrounding rural areas. It is made up of groups of residents who get to know each other and have a group phone list.

There are nearly 400 active groups and many streets have more than one group. Neighbourhood Support groups can have as little as 3 households and most of them average around 12-14 households.

Neighbourhood Support Sticker Image

An example of a Neighbourhood Support sticker


Neighbourhood Support is about taking ownership of your little part of Nelson and helping to keep the region “Safe and friendly”. As a member of the service you will have access to up to date information from the Community Police Team, Civil Defence and help with any safety issues that Nelson City Council might be able to assist with eg parks and walkways. You will receive crime alerts and newsletters.

Getting started

If you want to start a Neighbourhood Support Group in your area, please give the coordinator a call. The Community Constable will come along and meet the residents in your street and discuss any issues that you might have in the street. They will arrange to have a street sign installed and will provide a pack with window stickers, information on crime prevention, and Civil Defence information. From there, it is over to the group to decide how often they want to get together socially.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson is keen to see at least one Neighbourhood Support group in every residential street. If you would like to find out if there is an existing group in your street or you would like to help start a new group then please phone the office on +64 3 546 4902 or you can send an email to the coordinator. You can visit the Nelson Neighbourhood Support website at