Street Ambassadors

Nelson's Street Ambassadors patrol the streets during summer weekends from 9.30pm till 4am looking out for young people who might find themselves in strife while out partying, joining the Police, Māori Wardens, the Nelson Community Patrols and the Doormen’s Association who all work to keep Nelson safe.

Street Ambassadors look out for all people who are socialising in the Nelson CBD. Tourists, young people, and the general public report that the Street Ambassador service makes them feel safe in Nelson.

The Ambassadors all receive training in youth work, de-escalation of aggression, and first aid. They work in pairs throughout the weekend nights, delivering safety messages, offering advice and assistance when needed and intervening when they spot potentially dangerous situations.

Street Ambassadors don’t work alone. They keep in touch via cell phones and radios with Police, Maori Wardens and Nelson Community Patrol volunteers, who monitor the closed circuit television cameras on the weekend nights. Street Ambassadors' Team Leaders are qualified to administer first aid.

The Ambassadors are out on the streets from mid-November through to the first week in March.

More information

Contact the Community Services Team on +64 3 546 0200.