UN Youth

I’m immensely proud of Nelson Youth and the contribution many are making to our city and country - Mayor Rachel Reese.

Meet Abby Robinson, a young Nelson woman who is ready to play her part on the world stage as a New Zealand representative for UN Youth. UN Youth provides opportunities for young people to engage with civics and global affairs as we inspire them to lead in the spirit of the United Nations.Abby

Learn about Abby and how you can help her on her way to becoming the next generation of world leaders.

Q) Congratulations on your appointment as a delegate for the UN Youth Pacific project. Why did you decide to put your name forward?

Thank you. I have been interested in the particular trip hosted by UN Youth for some years now, but I held off applying. This is quite rare for me, as I am often one to put my hand up for every opportunity that comes my way, but the idea of fundraising for international travel always seemed a bit extreme. I’m in my final year at high school, so I knew it was my last chance to take up this opportunity so just applied despite my fears. The response I have received by the community in terms of my fundraising has been nothing short of amazing, and I can only regret not trying sooner.

Q) You will be one of just a few young people representing New Zealand. What life experiences will you draw on to be a Kiwi Ambassador?

Growing up my parents focused on how important it is to work hard, and this ethos still stands with my today. Currently I am Academic Leader at Nelson College for Girls. This role has provided me with invaluable experience, of which I know will be extremely valuable during my trip. I have learnt how to be an effective leader while managing a countless number of tasks. I know that I will be able to implement these skills while representing New Zealand.

Q) Throughout your trip, you will be learning and understanding more about our nation’s relationship with the Pacific. What do you see that as being currently?

I feel as if it is really hard to grasp an view on things without getting a first hand experience. I can’t get a true idea of something by just seeing it through a screen, so I find I have found it hard to develop an opinion and view on our relationship with the Pacific. I know our relationship is extremely important, and I know that being able to examine it first hand will allow for my opinion and understanding to develop.

Q) You’ve indicated in the past that this is part of your experience in hoping to achieve a future career in politics. So in ten years’ time, what’s the goal for Abby Robinson?

In ten years time I will be 27 which is an extremely scary thought and seems really old. I’m not even sure about what I want to study at the moment, so it’s hard to know exactly where I’ll be. I know I want to eventually enter politics but there are so many routes that I can take. In ten years time I want to be working towards making a difference in the world, and having a successful career but above all I want to be happy.