Use our Loos

Use our Loos Map The Use our Loos Scheme allows local businesses like pubs, restaurants and shops, to work together with the Council to make more clean, safe and accessible toilets available to the public. This is the first initiative of its kind in Aotearoa New Zealand and there are now nearly 50 public and private toilets taking part in the scheme.

Check out the handy interactive map to see who takes part in the scheme, what facilities they have and where they are situated.

Participating premises display one of these stickers in their window and show if the toilets have wheelchair-accessible facilities, baby changing facilities and those with both.

Use our Loos stickers

Members of the public can use toilet facilities during the premises opening hours and without the need to make a purchase. Businesses have the right to refuse entry in exceptional circumstances.


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To find out more about the Use our Loos Scheme, or comment about any of the toilets provided through the scheme, contact;

Bill Huppler, Welcoming Communities Coordinator & Community Partnerships Adviser
Telephone: 03 539 5573

Send us a suggestion, compliment, or complaint about this service.

How to join the scheme

Membership is subject to area need, types of facilities and other factors, and is not automatic. To find out how your business can join the scheme, email