Temporary Authority

A Temporary Authority allows the new owner of a licensed premises to trade on an existing On or Off Licence until they obtain a new licence in their own name. It is normally issued for three months. A Temporary Authority cannot be issued to a club.

There must be a person with a Manager's Certificate on duty at all times when alcohol is being sold or supplied to the public under a Temporary Authority.

Applying for a Temporary Authority

Applications should be lodged at least 20 working days* before the takeover date. This allows the Licensing Inspector and Police to inquire into the application, and for the District Licensing Committee to determine it. A copy of the sale and purchase agreement or other evidence of legal entitlement is also required.

*Working days do not include weekends, public holidays or the period 20 December to 15 January inclusive.

Application Forms

Temporary Authority Application Form

Temporary Authority Fees

The fee for a Temporary Authority is $296.70.

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