Dog control contacts

Council's Animal Control unit provides services and information regarding dog control and wandering stock. Dog control services include lost and found dogs, registration information, help with problem dogs and advice to dog owners.

The Council delivers its animal control service through a contractor, Environmental Inspections Limited. The contractor provides a 24/7 service for picking up stray dogs and for dealing with dog attacks.

Contact details for dog control matters

Phone 03 546 0200 (24/7 service).

Lost and found

If your dog has gone missing and you are unsure where to start looking, or if you have found a stray dog and are unsure what to do with it, here are some useful contacts.

Nelson City Council

Phone 03 546 0200 (24/7 service).

Council needs an accurate description of the animal you have lost or found, as well as contact details for yourself in case the animal is reported after you have called:

  • height
  • colour
  • breed
  • sex
  • distinguishing features

Council officers will collect any dog you have caught and/or if you are agreeable for dogs that have not been previously impounded, the officers will advise the owner of the dog where their dog can be located.


Contact or visit between 9.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday - Call - 03 547 7171