Noise Control

People and activities are entitled to make noise at a reasonable level. But you have the right to have excessive noise reduced or stopped.

The Council deals with specific noise problems. Some kinds of noise - such as noisy cars and workplace noise - are controlled by other organisations under different regulations.

You can call Council's customer service team on 03 546 0200 (24/7) to report excessive noise, such as:

  • loud parties and stereos
  • house and building alarms
  • construction activitiy
  • buskers and bars
  • industry or commercial uses affecting residents
  • barking dogs

What happens when you make a noise complaint to the Council

If you contact the Council to make a noise complaint, the Customer Service Centre will take your contact details. These are not given to the person you are calling about. The operator will ask you to phone back after 15 minutes to confirm whether the noise is continuing.

Noise Control Officers consider the effect the noise is having on the complainant, and take into account the time of day, background noise and duration.

Noise direction notice

If the Noise Control Officer finds that the noise reported is excessive, they issue a noise direction notice. It states that the noise has to be reduced to a reasonable level. This notice applies for 72 hours from the time it is issued.

If excessive noise starts up within the 72 hours, contact the Council again and an officer will re-visit the address.

Penalties for excessive noise

If the person responsible for the noise does not comply with the noise direction notice, Noise Control Officers may take the equipment making the noise.

Traffic noise

Contact your local Traffic Safety Branch: Station Directory - NZ Police.

Workplace noise

Contact Occupational Safety and Health on 0800 209 020.