Wasted NZ videos

Reducing waste is a big challenge, but the benefits are even bigger – not only through saving you money, but in being kind to the environment.

Wasted NZ have produced a great series of short videos to make it easier for everyone. Whether you want to know what you can and can’t recycle (you’d be surprised!) to how landfills work and what you can do about food waste.  Kate Meads is an inspirational and engaging host who makes the waste journey fun and informative.

Wasted NZ: Promo


Wasted NZ: Part 1 Introduction


Wasted NZ: Part 2 Recycling


Wasted NZ: Part 3 Waste Water


Wasted NZ: Part 4 Food Waste


Wasted NZ: Part 5 Landfill


Wasted NZ: Part 6 Discussion