Op Shop Waste Subsidy

Textile waste, particularly through the growth of ‘fast fashion’ is an increasing issue for waste management, as well as being a waste of valuable resources.

Grants are available to Opportunity/Charitable Shops (those associated with a charity to which new or used goods are donated and sold at a low price, to raise funds for the charity) to assist with the cost, in return for providing Council with data on the type of textile waste being sent to landfill.

The grant will cover up to 20% of the shop’s annual waste disposal costs, capped at a maximum of $500 plus GST.  One grant application will be accepted each financial year (1 July to 30 June) at any time during the year. The grant can be allocated for expenditure incurred within the previous 12 months.


  • Only available to Op Shops in the Nelson region
  • The funding may only be used for the purpose of supporting waste disposal costs
  • Applicants must provide proof of waste disposal costs and information on amount of waste sent to landfill and donated if known.

 For more information email rethinkwaste@ncc.govt.nz

Apply at shape.nelson.govt.nz/rethink-waste/application-op-shop-subsidy