Advanced stop boxes

Ongoing efforts to make Nelson more cycle-friendly are rolling ahead with the installation of an "advanced stop box", at the intersection of Halifax and Trafalgar Streets. Based on a model used in the Netherlands, these were trialled in Hamilton and Christchurch before being installed here in Nelson.

What's good about advance stop boxes

  • Cyclists are more visible to motorists
  • Right-turning cyclists are properly positioned
  • Left-turning motorists won't have to wait for cyclists on their left who may be going straight through the intersection
  • Cyclists' exposure to exhaust is reduced (it's especially heavy from cars idling or accelerating from a stop)
  • Cyclists get some priority over motor vehicles
  • Cyclists feel safer as legitimate road users

How cyclists and cars use the stop box system

If you're cycling, use the green-painted lane (marked with cycle symbols) to reach the advanced stop box at front of the intersection, and position yourself correctly for turning or going straight - and be sure to signal your direction if turning. We've buried special 'loops' that detect when cyclists are stopped in the box, so the signal will change even if no cars are in the queue.

If you're driving, you can cross over the green cycle lanes and stop box while moving, but you should not stop in them while waiting at the intersection; instead, stop at the white limit lines behind the green stop box.

Getting used to the idea

It may take some time for drivers and cyclists to get familiar with the green advanced stop boxes. There's a tendency for drivers, who don't know what it is, to queue in the cycle lane or drive onto the stop box and then wait for the signal. Cars should stay in their vehicle lanes and avoid stopping within the advanced stop box.

Examples of drivers and advanced boxes

A cyclist stopped at an intersection amongst cars. This is an example of how to properly use an advanced stop box. Leave the boxes to cyclists and make sure your vehicle doesn't cross into the green area.








Below is an example of how to not use an advanced stop box. The cars are bleeding over the line into the green areas meant for cyclists.

A cyclist stopped at an intersection amongst cars.