About NBus

Welcome to your local bus serviceIn 2012, we introduced:

Welcome to your local bus service

In 2012, we introduced:

  • More buses - NBus goes every 15 minutes between Nelson and Richmond at peak times
    (7-9am and 3-6pm)
  • NBus starts earlier and finishes later
  • New easy Fares Zone system - including free transfers within the same zone
  • Easy access for wheelchair users
  • Bikes on the bus - you can bring your bike on NBus with new racks that will carry two bikes at a time.

This page includes general information, the NBus code of conduct, NBus contact details and information on how to submit feedback or make a formal complaint.

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General information

  • You can purchase your single trip from the bus driver when getting on the bus.
  • Services run Monday to Friday with a reduced service on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • There are no services Public Holidays.
  • The driver has the right to refuse admission or remove passengers whose conduct is offensive.
  • Smoking and the consumption of foodstuffs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on board buses.
  • No responsibility is taken for articles left on buses. Lost items can be reported to SBL Group, 27 Bridge Street, Nelson.  Phone 548 3290.
  • SuperGold Card holders can travel for free on off-peak services (between 9am and 3pm and after 6.30pm on weekdays and any time on weekends).

Code of conduct

NBus is operated by SBL Group on behalf of Nelson City Council. Both organisations want all passengers to enjoy a comfortable and safe environment when using NBus services. All passengers must understand and comply with this code of conduct.

All passengers have the right to:

  • Fair treatment and respect
  • A friendly and efficient service
  • A safe, comfortable and clean environment when waiting or travelling.

You are responsible for:

  • Your belongings and personal effects.
  • Your own behaviour.
  • Paying the correct fare when boarding (cash or multi trip card).
  • Showing any required ID when boarding.
  • Reporting any mistreatment or damage to property.
  • Following the instructions of any bus driver, Council 0fficer,  security or police officer.
  • Understanding and respecting the rights of other people using or waiting for a bus at a designated area.
  • Retaining your ticket as proof of purchase and showing it on request.

You must not:

  • Threaten, bully, harass or cause physical or verbal harm to others (this includes other passengers and pedestrians or people in other vehicles). Police or schools (if a student is involved) will be contacted to take action.
  • Eat, chew gum or smoke on the bus.
  • Sit or stand in step-wells, armrests or place feet on the back of the seats.
  • Drink alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, as this contravenes the Transport Act.
  • Spit or litter. Please use rubbish bins at the front of the bus.
  • Tag, graffiti or damage anything. This behaviour may lead to police involvement.
  • Stand in front of the driver.
  • Take an animal on to the bus unless it is a guide dog.
  • Use emergency equipment unless it is an emergency situation.

Feedback and complaints

You can give us informal feedback or make a formal complaint online via this email address.

Contact us

For free copies of the NBus timetable, or for further information - please contact call 546 0200 or email us customer.service@ncc.govt.nz.