Richmond Loop

The new loop service launched Monday 3 August and will operate six days a week. It starts and finishes in Queen Street to make it easy to visit shops and services in Richmond and to connect to the Nelson and Stoke bus routes.

The route travels to Hill Street and Champion Road in the east and to Lower Queen Street and Three Brothers Corner in the west.

This is a Hail and ride route, there are only a few formal bus stops but you can wave down the bus anywhere along the route where it is safe and legal for the bus to stop. Just make sure the driver can see you.

Only one fare zone applies ($2.50 for adults) and it’s even cheaper when you use the new Bee Card ($2 for adults).

Bee Card is a pre-paid “tag on–tag off” card that makes it cheaper and easier to catch the bus.

Pick up a Bee Card at , from the Council customer service centres (Richmond or Nelson), the bus station or your local library.

See the full timetable and fare information.

SuperGoldand Bee Card

It’s much easier to have your SuperGold travel concession loaded on to a Bee Card in order to keep enjoying your free bus travel.

To load your SuperGold concession onto your Bee Card, you can see the helpful team at the Nelson or Tasman Council Customer Service Centres. If you prefer, you can do it online. Register your card at and the click on ‘Concessions’ in the top menu to follow the steps from there.

When using your Bee Card; instead of showing your SuperGold card to a bus driver you’ll use your Bee Card, just like all other passengers, to tag on and tag off the bus using the card readers by the door.

When you tag on your Bee Card the system will recognise you’re a SuperGold customer and you’ll travel free between 9am and 3pm and after 6.30pm on weekdays and all-day weekends and public holidays.

If you use the bus during peak hours, use your Bee Card to receive the discounted senior fare. You can top up funds on your Bee Card so no matter what time you are travelling you can just tag on and go. You can top up your card using cash at the council office (Nelson or Richmond) , the bus depot in B ridge Street or the Richmond, Stoke or Nelson libraries.

Just remember to tag off when you get off the bus as you may be charged a default fare (even if you are travelling within the free period).