Mobility parking permit

Parking concessions are granted to people with disabilities who have applied and received a mobility parking permit or mobility card. The card must be clearly displayed on the dashboard. The membership number must be visible whilst parked in designated mobility parks. This includes public and private car parks, eg shopping malls, hospitals and supermarkets. Concessions also apply to time restricted parking areas and metered/pay and display parking.

There are two types of permits – short term which is valid for up to 12 months for $35 and long term permits, valid for five years for $50 for each five year term.

Council does recognise mobility parking permits used by visitors to this country and the concessions mentioned below apply.

See below for contact information.

What do I do if I have a mobility permit, but received a ticket?

Write to us with an explanation, including verification of a valid mobility permit. Your request will be considered by an independent referee. We will write back to you with the referee's decision.

Find out where to send your explanation to the Parking team.

Extended parking time limits for workers

Under Council’s Parking Policy CCS mobility permit holders who are working in the city can apply to park all day in Council’s parking squares.

If you are a CCS mobility permit holder who needs to park all day for work you can apply for an extended parking permit for use in the parking squares.  You will still need to pay for all the parking you use but the permit allows you to exceed the 3 hour time limit (except Wakatu Square where all day parking is already permitted).

The application process is simple and the permit is free.

You need to:

  • Download and complete the application form below,
  • bring the completed form in to Council’s Customer Service Centre,
  • Your CCS mobility permit (together with a letter from CCS Disability Action confirming you are the holder of the permit),
  • And a letter from your employer confirming your hours of work.

Download the application form for Extended Parking Permit for Mobility Parking Permit Holders who Work in the City. (126KB PDF)

Other time limit extensions for mobility permit users

Time limits

P30 - permitted to park an additional 30 minutes
P60 - permitted to park an additional 60 minutes

There are no concessions for restrictions under 30 minutes (P5, 10, 15).

There are no concessions for restrictions over 60 minutes (P120, P180).


Concessions are only available for 60-minute meters, and you must make an initial payment. For a P60 meter, you are allowed to park up to 120 minutes. 

Where to make application for a Mobility Parking Permit

Please contact:

CCS Disability Action
65 Trafalgar Street
P O Box 586, Nelson
Phone +64 3 548 4479

Mobility carparks

Mobility parking spaces are located in all four public car parks: Montgomery Square, Buxton Square, Wakatu Square and Millers Acre. Note the spaces are NOT indicated on the maps. Find out more about the four carparks.

Other parking locations

A publication produced by Council entitled "Accessible Nelson" helps people get around the city with information on mobility car parks in the CBD, Stoke, Tahunanui and Richmond as well as wheelchair accessible toilets and accessible ATMs.  

You can read more about "Accessible Nelson" and download the four maps from our web site.

What is Total Mobility?

Total Mobility is a door-to-door passenger transport scheme designed to use regular taxi vehicles and modified taxis for wheelchair access. Its purpose is to increase the mobility of people with disabilities so that they may access passenger transport in a similar fashion to others in the community.

Learn more about Total Mobility.