"See me" Motorcycle safety campaign

The “See Me” road safety campaign reminds drivers to look out for motorcyclists and lets them know a bit about the person under the helmet.

In Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough between 2011 and 2016 there were 236 injury crashes involving a motorcyclist or moped rider. Of these crashes 13 were fatal, 83 resulted in a serious injury and 140 resulted in a minor injury. There were a further 73 non-injury crashes.

In Tasman and Marlborough 55% of the crashes involved multiple parties, however in Nelson 68% of the crashes involved multiple parties. There is a range of different causes of these crashes, however a number of crashes involved the other driver, looking but not seeing, the motorcyclist.

Let’s keep our eyes open and keep everyone safe on our roads. Read on to find out more about the people you share the roads with. 

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Dale

Dale / Dad

I am a married father of a 14-year-old boy. I have been riding since I was 16 years old and did not get a car until I was 25. I ride a BMW R1150GS (also own a little wee Honda XR200 ).

I ride it as a commuter but also like to take it out on the local gravel roads whenever I can.

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Nicola

Nicola / Mum

I am 54 years old, married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I live on a lifestyle block in Wakefield. I got my licence when I was 15 and rode just as a mode of transport until I was 18 when I got a car.

My currant bike is a Kawasaki VN 900 Cruiser I have had for 7 years. I have always have loved bikes and there’s nothing more awesome than seeing a group of them going past.  I love getting out with friends going for a good ride for lunch or coffee somewhere. I love the power and freedom of the bike.   I have only just taken it up again as my children are all older and have left home so I have more time and money to indulge in something for myself. 

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Ben

Ben / Uncle

I have been riding 6 months. I ride a scooter.  I got the scooter as a second vehicle and to save money after my first child was born.


TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Gabi

Gabi / Wife

I am a retired international educator.  Most recently I have been Head of English and Head of a Secondary school.  Now it is time to enjoy what I have worked so hard for.  I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including cycling (as in the ones you pedal), kayaking and tramping. I am quite new to riding.  I started off as pillion behind my husband, Graham. This only lasted for about two weeks as I got tired of hearing about the "wonderful vistas" opening up in front of him while all I could see was the back of his helmet. So I figured it was time to get my own bike and learn to ride myself.

I bought my Honda PCX 150 Scooter in 2016. I have since completed lots of skills training with Nelson Motorbike Training and I am now on my Restricted licence.  I have ridden over 3000km since I first got my Learner's licence.

I decided on the Honda PCX 150 scooter as it ticked all the boxes for me:  I wanted a scooter, because I figured I would have enough to concentrate on as a new rider, without having to worry about gears.  I wanted something that was small enough for me to feel comfortable handling, yet big enough to keep up with the flow of traffic at highway speeds.  This bike does all of that beautifully!  That, and it's RED.  :-)

Initially I started riding because I figured I could either become a "motorcycle widow" or join him.  Now I ride because it is just so much fun!  I am definitely on the bike that is right for me and I can now see for myself how the vistas open up in front of me.  This is such a lovely area for riding.  Often it feels like we are the only ones on the road!

I am helping out with this promotion to raise awareness about motorcyclists, hopefully to make riding safer for everyone.

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Pat

Pat / Husband

I am a 74 year old retired pharmacist. I began in 1963 and after a long break, I returned to riding in the 1980s. I currently ride an SV650K.

Why do I ride? I can't explain it. Perhaps it’s about being in control. Your ride is only as good as your skill level. It certainly gives me a pleasure I don't experience using other transport.

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Graham

Graham / Brother

I am a "work optional" international teacher who has been on the planet for a few decades. Nelson is home where we enjoy all that the Nelson district has to offer - motor bike cruising, the cycle trails network, mountain biking, kayaking, tramping, skiing and swimming and of course the great tasting provided by local eateries, wineries and breweries.

Prior to 2016 my last riding was in the 70's. I am a "recycled rider" and since January 2016 to the present I have clocked up 14000km. I don't need much prodding to suit up and get out on the highway!

My current motorbike is a Honda NC700S. I ride because it's a great way of feeling a part of the environment, it keeps you very aware of all other road users and it allows you to forget everything else and purely focus on the unfolding road ahead.

TDC Motorcycle Safety Billboard Lyn

Lyn / Granny

I am a late learner in the art of motorcycling - I gained my Learners' Licence at 68 years old.  I think the two training sessions late in 2013 will probably be etched forever in the heart of the instructor! 

I am also Granny Lyn to 9 fantastic grandchildren. I've been riding for nearly 3 years. My metal steed is a Yamaha Scorpio 225.

Riding a motorbike was something I had long wanted to do. As an incredible bonus, there is the all-encompassing feeling of being an integral part of the landscape and the routes and activities through it and in it.