Water supply

Where our water comes from

The Council takes water from the Maitai and Roding Rivers, to supply urban and rural areas of the city from Saxton Field to The Glen. The catchments are owned and managed by the Council to protect the quality of the city's water supplies.

In August 2004 Council completed a $26 million project to install a membrane filtration plant which treats both Roding and Maitai supplies. The water is treated by a state of the art microfiltration plant which achieves an A grading. Find out more about Nelson's water treatment plant

Forecast demand for future drinking water

In March 2010 Council reported that the Auditor General declared Nelson's water system well placed for the future. The report, available on the OAG website, said our current drinking water system is well managed and able to meet future forecast demand. We are only one of three local authorities that is effectively managing drinking water supply and planning for the future.

Council maintenance responsibilities

The Council is responsible for maintaining the public water supply system up to and including the toby (shut-off valve) on the street boundary. This marks Council's point of supply.

Council will repair a leaking toby and the pipework on our side of the toby. The pipework on the private side, including the connection to the toby is the landowner's responsibility.

In some situations (e.g. driveways and right of ways) one privately owned pipe has been used to serve more than one property. To ensure every property is separately metered, we have had to place water meters in private property on the individual pipe to each property. If any problems or leaks occur within the meter box, or on the connection to it, this is our responsibility.

The portion of pipe between the meter box and the toby on the street boundary is still privately owned. Any leak that occurs is the joint responsibility of the landowners served by the pipe.

How can you save water?

Just taking note of a few simple tips will save you money and save a little water. Find out more about how you can conserve water.

Water leaks on private property and the leak test

Did you know water leaks on private property are your responsibility? Check for a water leak easily.