Building consents and the 2022 Weather Event

Flood Damage Repairs

Repairs and building work to remediate flood damage caused by the August 2022 rain event

Nelson City Council’s building consent authority has identified the following work as exempt from requiring a building consent. 

NOTE: Consent exemptions do not extend to buildings affected by land failure or land movement

Criteria for exemptions

The following work is exempt under Building Act 2004 Schedule 1, item 2:

  • Replacement of thermal or acoustic insulation in external walls;
  • Replacement of wall linings that provide wall bracing;
  • Replacement of floor linings and coverings.

Please note building consent exemptions do not extend to damage that is:

  • a result of land failure or movement;
  • relating to a fire separation (such as a fire wall);
  • flood repair work to commercial or industrial buildings;
  • replacing wet area showers.

You can choose to notify Council that you have carried out the exempted work above, but you are not required to do so.

It is important to acknowledge that Council has exempted the above work, but you may still choose to obtain a building consent, or another party (such as an insurer or lender) may require you to obtain a building consent before carrying out the work.

All building work must comply with the building code, regardless of the requirement for consent (section 17 of the Building Act 2004).

If you wish to provide notification to Council of exempt work for flood repairs, you will typically be expected to supply:

  • Application form TAM 001:2022 Notification of Exempt Work (99KB DOCX);
  • A description of the work carried out;
  • The location and extent of the work carried out (typically a floor plan);
  • Records of work for work carried out by Licensed Building Practitioner(s);
  • Electrical Safety Certificate.

Lodge the complete application with Council by providing a hard copy to our Customer Service Centre, or email to

Consent processes will be streamlined as much possible given the circumstances.

Need more information on how to apply for a building consent?

Please see the guidance on Council’s website and phone 03 546 0200 to make an appointment with the Duty Building Officer if you need further assistance.