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What can we all do about Climate Change

Some useful tips on how we all can help mitigate climate change.

  • Consider energy efficiency when building and running our homes and businesses.
  • Examples include using the most energy efficient appliances and lighting, and the installation of solar panels and insulation
  • Reduce the amount of waste we create – considering composting, or cutting out single-use plastic in favour of re-usables
  • Look at how we use transport – cycle or walk more, or combine these with better use of public transport and carpooling.
  • Reduce the number of flights you take, when possible, and offset your emissions when you fly. Consider purchasing an electric vehicle or using video conferencing instead of traveling to a meeting
  • Plant trees on our own land or get involved in a community forest restoration project, and help New Zealand achieve the government’s ambitious target of planting one billion trees over the next ten years.

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