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Cemeteries and Crematorium Fees and Charges

The Council charges cover the exclusive right of burial, digging and filling in of the grave, inspection of the headstone or plaque to ensure it complies with maintenance requirements, and a percentage of the ongoing cost of cemetery upkeep. Most people pay for this through the funeral director, rather than directly to council. The full cost of running the cemeteries is subsidised from the rates as part of the community's responsibility to provide this service.

Prices include GST.

Burial plot fees (Exclusive Right of Burial)
Burial plots 2020/21
Single plot, 2.4m x 1.2m
Single plot, 2.0m x 0.9m, set apart for interment of children
Single plot 2.0m x 0.9m, set apart for interment of children up to 5 years  $311 
Natural Burial Plot
Out of district - additional fee on any plot
Burial Interment Fees
Burial 2020/21
Burial plot aged 12 years upwards
Burial plot child 1-12 years
Burial plot up to 1 year including stillborn
Burial Disinterment $2,199
Saturday additional fee on any plot $188
Public holiday additional fee on any plot $495
Ash plot fees
Ash plots 2020/21
Burial of cremated remains in ash plot without beam, 1.2m x 0.6m (up to four); Memorial Walk, Marsden Valley Cemetery, Wakapuaka Cemetery Lawn
For burial of cremated remains, in ash plot with beam, 1.2m x 0.6m (up to two) ashes, kerbs and walls Marsden Valley, Seaview, Hira and Wakapuaka cemeteries
Bellbird ashes lawn family plot (up to eight)
Out of district - additional fee on any ashes plot
Memorial kerb plaque only - small $208
Memorial kerb plaque only - large $550
Ash interment fees
Charge 2020/21
Ash interment
Ash disinterment
Weekend additional fee on any plot
Public holiday - additional fee on any plot
Other service charges
Service 2020/21
Late funeral hourly rate extending after 3.30pm
Transfer of interest
For transfer of interest in any purchase of exclusive right of burial in any plot.
Genealogical Research - the first hour is free, thereafter a single charge is due.
Approval of installation of plaque. Plaques are to meet the Council's specifications and bylaws. $66
Cremation fees
Crematorium 2020/21
Adult cremation
Adult cremation after hours, or Saturday
Adult cremation Sunday or public holiday with agreement from operator  $903
Child cremation (1 - 12 years) $481
Oversize Caskets $783
Child cremation after hours or Saturday $542
Child cremation Sunday or public holiday with agreement from operator $601
Stillborn/ New born (under 1 year) $0
Chapel hire - Committal*
Chapel hire - Full service** $286

* A committal service is a brief ceremony to farewell the deceased. It usually has a duration of around 15 minutes.
** A full service has a duration between 30 minutes and two hours.

Please note: The Crematorium at Wakapuaka, operated by Nelson City Council does not offer a pet cremation service.   A privately operated pet cremation service is available to veterinarians and the public. 


Application to Install Headstone or Plaque Cemetery (81KB PDF)

Cemetery fees pamphlet (573KB PDF)