Purchase Orders and Invoicing

We want to make working with us easy! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and efficient systems. If your questions are not answered on this page please contact us at creditors@ncc.govt.nz

New suppliers

In order to work with Nelson City Council your supplier information will need to be provided prior to purchasing commencing. Your contact at Nelson City Council will provide the appropriate form for completion and manage this process.

Purchase order terms and conditions

The standard Purchase Terms and Conditions (261KB PDF) apply to all purchase orders created by Nelson City Council unless otherwise agreed in the procurement contract.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders are mandatory. We will email you an approved purchase order.

Purchase order numbers provided over the phone should not be accepted as these may not have been approved and could delay payment.

Accounts payable process

We have streamlined and improved the way we do business with suppliers.

These requirements will help ensure your invoice moves through our system without delay:
• Invoices must be provided in the suppliers legal name
• An approved purchase order number must be recorded on every invoice
• Include only one purchase order number per invoice
• Invoices must be emailed in PDF format
• Each invoice must be emailed separately, with one invoice per attachment
• Invoices must meet IRD requirements including being correctly named, addressed, and itemised in terms of charges & GST
• Your bank account number must be present on every invoice
• Credit notes must reference the original invoice number and include the relevant purchase order number
• Any supporting documents (i.e. spreadsheet detailing invoice amounts or disbursement receipts) should be included in the same pdf attachment as your invoice in a single email.

If the goods or services you provide Nelson City Council are subject to Scheduler Payments, withholding tax or non-resident withholding tax will be deducted prior to payment of your invoice. Prior to payment, valid Tax Code Declarations (IR330) or IRD Tax Exemptions are required in these instances. See IRD for further detail.

Where to send your invoice

Send your invoices and credit notes to creditors@ncc.govt.nz and cc your Nelson City Council contact if required.

Please ensure information on your invoice is correct.

To prevent duplication, please make sure you send the corrected invoice only if the original has been returned to you, you can contact Accounts Payable first to verify the invoice status.

When to send your invoice

Invoices must reach us by the fifth working day of the month to ensure they can be processed for payment within our prescribed timeframes. Invoices must be dated in the month the good or service was supplied.

For example, goods or services provided in January with an invoice dated:

  • 31 January and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 February
  • 1 February and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 March

For approved invoices, we will make an electronic bank transfer directly into your bank account on the 20th of the month (or the next business day).

Key contacts

For Accounts Payable queries regarding your invoice, payment or refund, contact us on 03 546 0200 or email creditors@ncc.govt.nz

To update your supplier details please email creditors@ncc.govt.nz. It is the suppliers responsibility to keep their details up to date. If you bank account number has changed we require written documentation such as a
deposit slip or company letter to confirm this. From time to time Nelson City Council may request your supplier details to be reconfirmed.

Sending Invoices By Post

Invoices should only be sent by post if they cannot be emailed. Please do not send both.

Accounts Payable
Nelson City Council
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