Motorcycle and Moped Safety

This page details initiatives and activites to promote motorcycle and moped safety, as well as required equipment for mopeds.

Moped Safety Guide

A moped is a motor vehicle running on two or three wheels that is fitted with a motor having a power output not exceeding 2kW. Mopeds are designed to be ridden at a speed not exceeding 50kph under normal conditions of use.

You Must:

  • have a New Zealand driver licence. If you hold a learner car licence or learner motorcycle licence you cannot carry a passenger on your moped, and must display a "L" plate;
  • ride on the road. You cannot ride on a footpath, in a cycle lane or on a cycle/ pedestrian shared path;
  • have your head lamp turned on at all times;
  • follow the road rules for motor vehicles;
  • wear a securely fastened and approved motorcycle helmet at all times; and
  • use a clear hand or arm signal when you intend to turn if you do not have indicators.

You can download the Scooter Safety Guide for more info. (279KB PDF)

Riding Tips

  • Position yourself on the road like a car and ride in the centre of the lane.
  • Keep up with other motorist's speed. If you are holding up the traffic flow, as soon as it is safe to do so move left to let the traffic past.
  • Wear suitable riding gear - purpose made gloves and jacket, and closed-in shoes are essential.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals, the same as everybody else. You must stop for red lights and proceed through an intersection only when the light has turned green.
  • Be considerate of other road users and watch for pedestrians, cyclists and hazards on the road.
  • Ride within your own capability and confidence. Seek motorcycle training if you need assistance.

Ride to Live Motorcycle and Scooter training

Tasman District Council holds regular 'Ride to Live' motorcycle and scooter training courses. These courses are open to Nelson City residents. For more information and to register visit the Ride to Live website.

Report Roading Issues

Nelson City Council encourages all riders to report roading issues such as loose gravel, trees obscuring signs or spills on the road. To report an issue call +64 3 546 0200 or you can use the fix-a-gram form.