Dennis Christian

CHRISTIAN Dennis CouncillorMy principal place of residence is in the Nelson City Council - At Large area.

As a residential and commercial rate payer I am concerned about rates increases. I will use my financial and governance experience to ensure that our rates are used in the most responsible way.

I want to contribute to a council that works together in the best interests of the residents to create a vibrant and sustainable city for now and future generations. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right, have strong leadership capabilities and am willing to put in the work to ensure you, the Nelson community have a voice.

A member of the Institute of Directors, I am an experienced company director and have served seven years as Chair of Nelson College. I am involved as a volunteer with many other community and sports. My wife and three sons share my passion for our community. Work with me to create a vibrant and sustainable region.

What makes Nelson so special for you?

Moving to Nelson at the age of 12, I finished my schooling at Nelson College before starting my banking career with BNZ, which took me to Christchurch and Wellington before moving back to Nelson in 1992 and staying here ever since.   On leaving the BNZ in 2001 I travelled significantly promoting our tourism business In New Zealand and overseas.  I have had the opportunity to spend time in all of New Zealand’s major towns and wouldn’t move from here for any of them.   My three sons love sports and the outdoors, and we have spent many hours at Saxton Stadium, Neale Park and the Trafalgar Centre.  We have a compact city that allows a short commute to leisure activities, combine this with a great selection of good schools, where else would you want to be when raising a family. The weather, access to the outdoors, especially the sea, are a major draw for our family who all share a passion for water sports and the outdoors.  We also enjoy the wide range of eateries and the access to awesome local produce, summer evening swimming, walks on the beach and barbeques.

What is your vision for the city?

A city where all residents opinions are valued and considered, with open and honest conversations around the needs of our community and the spending of our rates, ensuring we provide first class infrastructure and facilities for the residents. Working with a council that is respectful, considers others views and contributes collaboratively to create a vibrant region, one which encourages locals and visitors alike to spend time in our town for boutique shopping and recreation.  Developing a range of inner-city living opportunities and having a seamless flow from city to sea.   A future proofed approach to transportation and traffic management, that allows for predicted population growth and travel trends.   Supporting the creation of opportunities for the younger generation, retaining and attracting new talent into the area.  A city that acknowledges and values all the communities that make this such a great place to live.