Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit

The Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit (NRSBU) is a joint committee of the Tasman District and Nelson City Councils and was instigated to look after the owner’s (the two Council’s) interests in the Regional Sewerage Scheme.

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NRSBU was set up as a business unit in October 2000 and previously operated as the Nelson Regional Sewerage Authority. A Memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the two Mayors and CEOs in December 2000 governs the operation of the NRSBU.

Area covered by the NRSBU

The NRSBU treats municipal wastes (mainly domestic sewage) from Nelson City, Stoke, Tahunanui, Richmond, Wakefield, Brightwater (the Waimea Basin) and Mapua as well as industrial wastewater from Alliance Nelson,ENZA Food, and Nelson Pine Industries.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a key component to the strategic planning work of the NRSBU. The plan is a management tool that guides and influences decision-making. It is related to the Business Plan (a strategic document) and process plans (operational documents).

Financial projections from the AMP will support and justify the financial forecasts in the Business Plan. Similarly the AMP provides the basis for preparation of each Annual Report.

The first asset management plan was completed in June 1999 and further refined in August 2003 to meet minimum requirements. The most recent AMP is dated 2007.

Download the 2007 NRSBU Asset Management Plan . (1.5MB PDF)