Solicitor rates enquiry

Solicitor Rates Reports

Solicitor Rates Settlement Enquiries are now submitted through

The system allows users to:

  • Access rates reports for settlement at any time
  • Provides confirmation of water meters, active direct debit authorities, Solar and Clean Heat loans

How to sign up

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in and Create an Account
  3. Select “I am a Solicitor” and continue Profile Set Up
  4. Once you’ve registered, a Council staff member will need to verify your account. This process is not automatic and can take a few days to complete

Important Information

To avoid penalties being applied, you must ensure the accounts are paid as per the due date of the invoice, no matter when settlement is.

If you require a balance of the amount to clear any Clean Heat Warm Homes or Solar Saver Loan(s), or require a direct debit authority to be cancelled, please email with your request.

Special Water Reads

Special Reading can be booked at

Meters are read each Thursday. Bookings for readings must be submitted by 12pm noon on the Wednesday prior to the reading date at the latest.

This system also allows you to amend the dates for bookings already submitted and you can also cancel booking requests if they are no longer required.

We recommend using Chrome as your Browser, any others may experience issues.